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House of Thirty-three

Mini Tolstoy Socks

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“She opened the door and went out. The wind seemed as though lying in wait for her; with gleeful it tried to snatch her up and bear her off, but she clung to the cold  and holding her skirt got down on to the platform and under the shelter of the carriages. The wind had been powerful on the steps, but on the platform, under the lee of the carriages, there was a lull. With  she drew deep breaths of the frozen, snowy air, and standing near the carriage looked about the platform and the lighted station."

~Alexei Tolstoy



| thick, woolly blend

| non-grip soles on sizes 0-2 and 3-4

| sprinkled




Size 0-2: 10-12cm

Size 3-4: 12-14cm

Size 5-6: 14-16cm 

Size 7-8: 16-18cm